Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience 2019


From 1st to 3rd November 2019, the fifth edition of the food and wine festival Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience takes place at the Palavela in Riva del Garda, three days of events focused on the Italian and international food and wine scene: Show Cooking, cooking demos with celebrity chefs, food and wine tastings and samples of the specialities of the area together with local producer, gourmet shopping and events. Once again the real star of the event is local produce – with top class chefs and local restaurateurs telling their story and giving them their own twist – from carne salada to extra virgin olive oil, Torbole broccoli and lake fish, organic vegetables from Val di Gresta and cheeses from the mountain pastures. A new entry on the menu this year is carpione, a rare species of fish endemic to Lake Garda alone, which is protected (fishing is forbidden) and raised in fish farms. And to add the finishing touch in terms of taste and the senses, sparkling Trentodoc wine, white and red wines of the Trentino region and the Holidays with Taste project, grappas and coffee.

One of the Guest Chefs is Austrian JRE Chef Josef Steffner from Messner Haus in Mauterndorf.

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