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An important day for Slovenia and Slovenian cuisine! We are happy to announce that Micheline guide or the »Red Bible«, from now on, also guides us along Slovenian culinary paths. Slovenia is a small country with 2 millions inhabitants. It is extremely important to mention that in the first Michelin selection, five Slovenian restaurants managed to win 1 Michelin star and one restaurant amazing 2 Michelin stars. We applaud 15 of our 17 members who are all in some way honoured by Michelin. A great day for JRE-Slovenia and for Slovenian gastronomy as it supports our aim and desire for global recognition. 

Here is an overview of our members and their gastronomic Michelin awards.

Hiša Franko (Ana Roš) received two well-deserved Michelin stars. 2 Michelin stars mean “Excellent cooking, worth the detour”. The restaurant in Kobarid has become one of only 473 restaurants worldwide with 2 Michelin stars and the 1st one in the region. 5 Chefs received their 1st Michelin star, implicating “A very good restaurant in its category”. The honoured ones are Pri Lojzetu (Tomaž Kavčič), Vila Podvin (Uroš Štefelin), Dam (Uroš Fakuč) and Atelje (Jorg Zupan).

Some of our members achieved recognition for their contributions to sustainability of cuisine. These are Gostišče Grič (Luka Košir), Hiša Franko (Ana Roš) and Gostilna Mahorčič (Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič). 

The “Bib Gourmand”, symbolizing good value for money was awarded to Gostišče Grič (Luka Košir), Gostilna Rajh (Leon Pintarič), Gostilna Mahorčič (Ksenija Krajšerk Mahorčič) and Gostilna Repovž (Meta Repovž).

Other Chefs received recognition through "The Plate Michelin", representing fresh ingredients in a carefully prepared meal of the culinary experience. Congratulations to Galerija Okusov (Gašper Puhan), Restavracija Pavus, Grad Tabor Laško (Marko Pavčnik), Pikol (Tadej Gašparin), Rizibizi (Patrizia in Tomaž Bevčič), MaK (David Vračko) and Ošterija Debeluh (Jure Tomič).

Our sincere congratulations to all JRE-Slovenia members and to all culinary masters, who received the Michelin recognition.

June 16th. 2020 will be remembered as the day the prestigious Michelin restaurant guide came to Slovenia. We are proud and motivated to continue to build Slovenia's culinary future together! 

Photo: Borut Cvetko

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