Let us celebrate together!


The number one aperitif in the world is Italian: Meiningers puts “Nonino BotanicalDrink” at the top. 

Celebrate this award with us and enjoy the cocktails with BotanicalDrink  paired with 4 small dishes from our chefs, at the following restaurants 

June 15, San Rocco, 17-20h

June 17, Villa Ariston, 17 - 20h

June 23, Boba,17 - 20h

Reservations are mandatory. Please contact restaurants directly. 

If you wish to know more about the BotanicalDrink

The 100% vegetarian drink from the historic Friuli distillery is the “International Aperitif of the Year 202” in the International Spirits Award. The recipe for the Nonino BotanicalDrink Aperitif goes back to the beginning of its history in 1940, integrating the Nonino family’s art of distillation and its never-ending love for research and innovation. Cristina, Antonella, Elisabetta and Francesca studied the family archives and revisited Silvia Nonino’s recipe that was the first woman “Master Distiller” in Italy, and after her husband died, carried on the distillery and the family art of making liquors.

Her knowledge of the art of distillation and botany led her to create “White Aperitif”, using the ingredients that represented her land, Friuli. It was genuine, made using local plants and its name evokes the purity and quality of its ingredients. In 2018, after more than 3 years of studying botany, Cristina, Antonella, Elisabetta and Francesca revisited the recipe, embellishing it with Fragolino Vigna Nonino Single Grape Liquor. Even the color of the drink has been obtained in a totally natural manner, using infusions of flowers, fruits and roots selected for their origin, features and active ingredients, dried at low temperatures, to maintain the natural intensity of aromas, flavors and colors.

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