Black & White: A New Tradition


Black and White Gala is the umbrella event of the JRE association, where chefs and partners come together and get to know the diversity that connect us. This year it is also a time for new beginnings and a new tradition.

This was not a classic gala dinner, but an innovative gala experience. Guests took part in a culinary exploration through the Radgonske gorice (Dom penine) estate and were amazed by the gastronomic fusion of tradition and locality, created with contemporary skills and spiced with neverending passion.

JRE Slovenia family, top chefs together with partners, prepared a renewed culinary experience on six stages. The creations reflected a taste of 5 km radius from the chefs' restaurants, which offered an additional dimension to the guests' experience.

The evening was a perfect mix between the contrast of Slovenia integrated into the JRE family and a walk through the mysterious paths of the 160-year-old wine cellar of Radgonske gorice.

Gašper Puhan, the president of JRE Slovenia, at the beginning of the event summarized to the guests how active the JRE association was. "Slovenia has become one of the more active members at the international level. We welcomed Hans van Manen from the Netherlands, who is the CEO of the European association JRE, as one of our board members. His experience in networking, international cooperation and strategic planning will help further strengthen the position of Slovenia internationally."

He also added: "No matter what covid measures apply today, I am extremely happy to be able to be together at the JRE event after more than a year of lockdowns. I am tremendously grateful to the members who build unique culinary experiences with their passion. I would also like to thank all partners who help to realize the JRE vision and mission. With your help, we really upgraded the development of the association."

JRE Slovenia also gave out 6 awards, that represent our values, as follows:

  • WE CARE MORE – Connectedness and care award

  • WE REMAIN TRUE TO OURSELVES – Sustainability award (2)

  • WE BRING NEVERENDING PASSION TO LIFE – Talent development award

  • WE CREATE PERFECT MOMENTS – Creating perfect moments award

  • WE ARE OPEN TO THE NEW – Innovation award 

Connectedness and care award

Blaž Cvar, President of the Tourism and Catering Section of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia

During the epidemic, Blaž Cvar took care of the rapid response to government decrees in the entire tourism and hospitality sector. He brought together all key stakeholders and made meaningful suggestions on their behalf. His efforts have contributed to reducing the direct negative effects of the epidemic and indirectly increased the survival of the entire industry. 

Sustainability award

Romerquelle by Coca-Cola HBC Slovenija

Representative: Jakša Maganić

Within the guidelines that promote sustainable development, the Coca-Cola responded perfectly to the needs of the market. Bottled water is certainly a step in the right direction, as is the gradual realization of Coca-Cola’s vision of a waste-free world. The company, which has committed itself to ensure the collection, recycling, or reuse of the entire quantity of its packaging by 2030, is also planning to produce a prototype paper bottle. 

Talent development award


Representative: Josef Asböck

Committed to the best results, Miele impresses again and again. It acts as a link between professional knowledge and raising awareness of the culinary arts among the widest circle of people. They equip any talent with technology that inspires them and allow them to express themselves. 

Creating perfect moments award

Radgonske gorice

Representative: Borut Cvetkovič

We connect Radgonske gorice with tradition and rich history, with their products being the ones that follow the perfect moments of our lives the longest. In our cooperation, we would like to thank them for the hospitality and support they have shown us. 

Sustainability award

Slovenian Tourist Board

Representative: Barbara Zmrzlikar

During the covid epidemic, the Slovenian Tourist Board took care of the promotion of tourism in the domestic and now also in foreign markets. They deserve recognition for their care for international promotion and efforts for the arrival of world culinary guides in Slovenia. Last but not least, in their efforts, they follow the guidelines of sustainable tourism and gastronomy, which is why they have created a green scheme (Slovenia Green & Safe), where they connect stakeholders from responsible, green, and safe tourism. 

Innovation award 

Nova KBM

Representative: John Denhof

Nova KBM has demonstrated a high level of understanding of the local environment, the needs of premium segment customers and connected all stakeholders in the market in an innovative way. By creating new business models, with an extraordinary sense of their surroundings, the loyalty and creativity of their team they bring to the market a winning combination. 

Outstanding work award

Gašper Puhan, president of JRE Slovenia

Members gave a surprise award to Gašper because we appreciate his work, endless efforts for the good of the entire industry, excellent connections with partners, and a sense of creativity. With his excellent leadership qualities, he has raised the association to a new, professional level, one that raises the reputation of the whole of Slovenia on an international scale. And all that in one of the toughest times in the history of hospitality sector.

Enjoy in some photo gallery below and join us next time!

The official photographer: Matjaž Očko

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