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Ana Justin

It soon becomes clear where the saying “Love travels through the stomach” originates from when you enjoy Slovenian dishes and wines. At restaurant Skipass, owner Ana Justin made sure the chefs revived the traditional delicacies of Slovenian cuisine, hidden in old recipes, while incorporating the principles of a modern healthy diet. The kitchen will impress you with authentic flavours. Not just of the Slovenian region, but also of two adjacent countries, Austria and Italy. This results in an unforgettable culinary adventure with amazing flavour combinations.

Skipass restaurant

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Warmth, courtesy and hospitality are the hallmarks of hotel restaurant Skipass. Its modern ambiance, friendliness, and great culinary experiences are the hallmarks of this family-run hotel, offering its guests nothing but the best. Originally, the Justin family operated a tourist and sports agency selling ski passes – hence the name. Later, they started using regional recipes in their sophisticated high-tech kitchen, and Skipass restaurant was born. Having dinner at Skipass restaurant means experiencing the best local produce of the season, as well as the culture and traditions of the neighbouring countries.

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