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Arcangelo Tinari

A Michelin-starred chef with a passion for regional Italian cuisine

Chef Arcangelo Tinari is responsible for the kitchen at restaurant Villa Maiella. Arcangelo developed his love for gastronomy from a young age on and took his first steps as a cook in his family’s restaurant. He worked in many top restaurants in France, Italy, Japan, and Hong Kong after completing his culinary training. Back in Italy, he took control of the kitchen at Villa Maiella. His outstanding regional Italian cuisine has been awarded a coveted Michelin star and continues to draw gourmets from near and far.

I like working with wild herbs, they remind me of dishes reminiscent of the rural culture of our region.

Arcangelo Tinari

Villa Maiella

Guardiagrele (CH), Italy

Set on the edge of the Maiella National Park in Italy, you’ll discover hotel and gourmet restaurant Villa Maiella. Over the years, this fine-dining spot has successfully evolved from a popular family restaurant into one of Abruzzo’s best restaurants.

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