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Christoph Köhli

At restaurant Chappeli you can sit and look into the open kitchen where chef Christoph Köhli works his magic. A large part of his success is due to the fact that his menus are original and spontaneous, offering a crossroad between Swiss cuisine and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. In seeking out the freshest products, Chef Christoph Köhli makes the effort of contacting his suppliers every day. These selected, market-fresh products are processed carefully and deliberately by him, with endless joy and passion.


Grenchen, Switzerland
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Chappeli is simply put an outstanding restaurant, located in the town of Grenchen, with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. An agricultural property behind the historic All Saints Chapel is home to Janine Hausmann's and Christoph Köhli's modern restaurant. Summer and spring are perfect times to enjoy the garden and the high-end hospitality of these two young restaurateurs that run the business.

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