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Danique Haaksman

A talented hostess who is committed to delivering the best guest experience

Danique joined restaurant De Witte Zwaan in 2009, when she was asked by chef Timo Agterberg's father to strengthen the team as a hostess. She accepted and never left. In 2015, she started running the restaurant together with chef Timo. Together, they successfully put De Witte Zwaan on the culinary map and continue to be committed to delivering an exceptional experience to their diners.

Dining at De Witte Zwaan is a party for every guest and we hang the garlands!

Danique Haaksman

De Witte Zwaan

De Bilt, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Right in the center of De Bilt, next to the city of Utrecht, you will find restaurant De Witte Zwaan. This modern restaurant focuses on casual fine dining in a comfortable atmosphere.

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