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Gaston Zeiter

Gaston Zeitner began his culinary education in 1997 at the Schweizerhof in Zermatt. During his apprenticeship, Gaston learned about pairing the traditional Swiss cuisine with Valais specialties. In the years following, chef Gaston went on a journey to work at a number of renowned establishments in Switzerland. His cooking career at Paradies restaurant has been going for eight years now. His parents have a farm in Visperterminen, where chef Gaston Zeiter purchases his vegetables and cheese. Sourcing products doesn’t get more local than this.


Zermatt, Switzerland
MdH Membre d'Honneur

Paradies is a high-end mountain restaurant located right in the midst of the snow-covered Swiss Alps. Chef Gaston Zeitner's homemade ravioli is a special feature that keeps guests returning to this special location, just to experience it again.

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