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Grégoire Antonin

Grégoire Antonin worked as a renowned chef in the Valais for ten years before starting his own business where he could share his passion. Chef Grégoire offers a menu that's sure to delight those who appreciate elegant cuisine prepared using fresh, regional ingredients. In Restaurant Nouvo Bourg, he focuses on dishes that are prepared in accordance with the changing seasons. Together with his partner and hostess Fabienne Zufferey, he has turned Nouvo Bourg into one of the finest restaurants in the area.


Le Nouvo Bourg

JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Nouvo Bourg, located in the medieval village of Saillon, offers fine food made from quality ingredients. Seasonal menus are frequently changed, and a special business menu is always available for lunch. This is the place where contemporary simplicity and medieval beauty come together. Grégoire Antonin and his partner Fabienne Zufferey will welcome you to a fine brasserie with local specialties in a charmingly rustic setting. 

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