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Jip, Yelle, Jesse Goyvaerts

Though they followed separate paths, all three brothers have amazing cooking skills and talent. They all attended the Cas Spijkers Academy, where the best of the best candidates are prepared for the culinary top following a rigorous selection process. One thing their resumes have in common is all three brothers worked in the kitchen of chef Yuri Wiesen. Besides working here, Yelle also worked at Wynwood and Avant-Garde in Eindhoven and at restaurant De Meulen in Oirschot. In turn, Jip gained his experience in De Meulen and Wynwood, as well as Boreas in Heeze and Bretelli in Weert. Jesse worked at Wiesen for a few years, then went to De Leest in Vaassen, after which he spent another year as sous-chef at restaurant Vane in Eindhoven. After gaining much gastronomic experience, the three brothers now combine their skills in the kitchen of restaurant Goyvaerts to amaze guests with their culinary creations.



Eindhoven, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Located in the center of Eindhoven, restaurant Goyvaerts is run by three brothers. Jip, Yelle and Jesse Goyvaerts are all chefs, as well as owners of this modern dining spot.

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