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Joeri Huybs

Drawing on a classic foundation, owner and chef Joeri Huybs creates contemporary culinary cuisine that’s a real treat for your palate. For him, innovative cooking and creating begin with the fundamentals: focusing on the ingredients. Chef Joeri mainly sources his products at the early market in Brussels or from the various specialized, regional suppliers that he works with. His eye for detail and love of fresh, honest produce results in dishes that look and taste glorious.

Vin Perdu

Oud-Turnhout, Belgium
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

At Vin Perdu gourmet cuisine, bar food, and classics go hand in hand. This Belgian bar, bistro and restaurant is run by chef Joeri Huybs and his spouse, sommelier Griet Broeckx. The modern dining room features clean lines, contemporary art, and bright orange accents, which makes for a lively and informal ambiance. By using the latest cooking techniques, chef Joeri Huybs prepares inventive, market-oriented cuisine. These dishes are beautifully complemented by the restaurant’s extensive wine list with over 480 titles. When the temperatures allow it, you can also enjoy your lunch or dinner on the lovely garden terrace. No wonder Vin Perdu is such a popular hotspot for gourmets, foodies, and wine enthusiasts.

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