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Kristof Timmermans

Growing up in the countryside, chef Kristof Timmermans was already helping his mom out in the kitchen as a young boy. Inspired by the magic of cooking, studying at the hotel school in Anderlecht was the next logical step. Climbing the ladder as an apprentice, Kristof started out cooking at the homes of celebrities and worked his way up to sous chef and, ultimately, a full-fledged chef. He acquired culinary experience at acclaimed restaurants such as restaurant Terborght (Beersel) and restaurant Marcus (Deerlijk). Throughout the years, it has become clear what chef Kristof’s signature cooking style truly is about: accuracy, discipline, and dishes with a clear identity. By focusing on the ingredients themselves, the textures and flavour combinations of his dishes never cease to amaze.

Les Abris

Oombergen, Belgium
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

At restaurant Les Abris in Oombergen, Belgium, you can enjoy contemporary cuisine in a homely yet elegant ambiance. In the kitchen, chef Kristof Timmermans works with first-class quality ingredients to cook up a surprising and seasonal menu. Located in a building that’s just as beautiful as the plating, Les Abris surely is the perfect place for excellent fine-dining in a serene setting.

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