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Marijn van de Worp

From an early age, chef Marijn van de Worp demonstrates a talent for the chef's profession. During his apprenticeship, he works with top chefs Philips and Emile van der Staak at Het Oude Politiebureau in Ede and with chef Löhr at Het Koetshuis in Bennekom. It is here that he becomes instantaneously creative and learns the disciplines of the profession. Chef Löhr teaches him the skills of the traditional craft. After this, Marijn joins Basiliek restaurant, where he learns what it's like to be an entrepreneur as a chef. He wants to learn more and starts working at restaurant De Librije. The motto at De Librije is that in order to achieve your goals, you have to start from your own strengths. Inspired by this, chef Marijn and his partner and sommelier Yasmina open their own restaurant: Fizzy.



Epe, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

In the middle of the beautiful Veluwe nature park lies the romantic old villa of restaurant Fizzy. Fizzy stands for "stimulating". The name was chosen by chef Marijn van de Worp and hostess and sommelier Yasmina el Azzouzi, as they are both dedicated to stimulating their guests' appetites.

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