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Nikita Sergeev

Chef Nikita Sergeev is brave, driven, and passionate about his work. He has been the chef and owner of restaurant 'Arcade in the historic center of Porto San Giorgio since 2013. Nikita was born in Moscow in 1989 and graduated in political science. After graduating in 2010, his whole family decided to move to Italy. In spite of his two years of trying, Nikita discovered that his diploma is not accepted throughout Europe. Due to this, he is forced to invent a new profession in order to stay in Italy. This is when his second passion is triggered: cooking. Nikita decided to become a chef.  He went straight to the top, and after working at various restaurants, in 2013, the time comes to open his own restaurant, Arcade. It is chef Nikita's passion to delight his guests with his mouthwatering creations. 



Porto San Giorgio (FM), Italy
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Arcade is a cozy, refined dining inn with only five tables for 22 people. Here, chef-owner Nikita demonstrates his personal approach to cuisine through his tasting menu of creative dishes with both meat and fish.

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