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Nikola Narančić

Owner Nikola Narančić, who was born in Belgrade in 1977, has been passionate about cooking since childhood. Graduated from the University of Bologna, where he specialized in tourism economics, he became a chef of the prestigious Bologna restaurant Ai Butteri, a member of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs. After this, Nikola founded restaurant Salon 5 with his partner in 2014, and it quickly became the top-rated gourmet restaurant in Serbia. Even today, the restaurant remains popular and is recognized not only by the Serbian gastronomic community but by the surrounding region as well. Then in 2017, Nikola opened restaurant Salon 1905. A brand new restaurant in the heart of Serbia’s capital. Within a short time, this became Belgrade's top fine-dining destination.


Salon 1905

JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Salon 1905 is a fine-dining restaurant at its best. Everything about this restaurant is decorated like it is something from a fairy tale. A perfect atmosphere and an extraordinary menu along with the incomparable professional service really make this restaurant stand out. The finest Mediterranean cuisine is served in this restaurant, and only the freshest of ingredients are used for each dish. The kitchen at restaurant Salon 1905 is known for creating simple yet powerful recipes. The team’s extensive international experience in the gourmet industry ensures a high level of gastronomy every time. On the menu you'll find their signature foie gras and rib-eye steak, plus many other dishes that will make your tastebuds sing and soar.

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