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Peter-Paul Swijnenburg

An expert in hospitality & innovation

Peter-Paul Swijnenburg attends the Hotel Management School in Leeuwarden after graduating high school. He works as a caterer on the side, catering large events. The catering business appeals to him, so he gets a job at Grand Catering in Nieuwegein after the completion of his studies. Here, Peter-Paul gets to learn how to organize and manage food events. Five years later, he becomes location manager for the Beatrixtheater in Utrecht under Grand Catering. As a manager, he learns that if you need to implement a successful business strategy, you need to see it from a helicopter's perspective. In the next phase of his career, Peter-Paul wants to start his own business. In 2006, he starts event venue Buitenplaats Amerongen together with his wife Erika. In 2016, the couple open event location Buitenplaats Sparrendaal in Driebergen. Restaurant Bentinck was added to their portfolio in 2017, following a successful expansion.

The thing I like most about working in hospitality is continuously innovating and reinventing, so that you never cease to surprise.

Peter-Paul Swijnenburg



Amerongen, Netherlands
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A former stable of the historic estate surrounding Amerongen Castle now houses restaurant Bentinck. The restaurant’s interior is the best-preserved historical stable interior in the Netherlands. The tapestry, painted by artist Claudy Jongstra, and the wine cellar, formerly the tack room, are absolute eye-catchers.

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