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Pieter Caubergs

With over 20 years of experience, chef Pieter Caubergs is in charge of Sarriette's stove. Pieter began working in the kitchen at the age of 14. In Lyon, he interned at a two-Michelin-starred restaurant and he was sous-chef for Giovanni Oosters at restaurant Vous le Vous. His taste and style developed as he acquired more culinary knowledge. In 2017 Pieter opened his first restaurant in Maaseik, restaurant Aldeneikerhof. His new inn, which is situated in the heart of Peer, was opened in December 2019. He runs the restaurant with his partner, sommelier Bina Snoekx. Before joining Pieter, Bina worked in healthcare, but her love for hospitality remained constant. She continued to help out in various restaurants, especially during her weekends off. In 2019 she followed her heart and embarked on this gastronomic adventure with Pieter.



Peer, Belgium
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Situated in a beautiful townhouse with an outdoor terrace in the center of Peer, you will find a new gastronomic gem. Here, restaurant Sarriette, a gourmet restaurant that serves exquisite modern French cuisine, opened its doors to draw food lovers from near and far. Chef Pieter Caubergs and sommelier Bina Snoekx deliver the highest quality hospitality to make your stay unforgettable. Named after the herb summer savoury, Sarriette refers to their love for greens, especially those from their own garden.

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