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Sebastian Hadrys

Chef Sebastian Hadrys has fulfilled his dream in Magdeburg, where he pampers guests and critics in his characteristic country house, Landhaus Hadrys. The chef built this culinary establishment himself, together with his wife. The chef’s kitchen philosophy is: "No showmanship, because we’re not artists, we’re craftsmen”. His menus beautifully exemplify this motto, as they clearly show what distinguishes his cuisine: honesty and sophistication.


Magdeburg, Germany
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Situated on the Elbe river in Germany, you’ll find the city of Magdeburg. This fascinating place is home to gourmet restaurant Landhaus Hadrys which attracts food connoisseurs from far and wide. Here, chef Sebastian Hadrys has been preparing delicious German and French classics since 2003. The prestigious Michelin Guide awarded the restaurant with a Bib Gourmand for offering a good quality menu for a modest price. The country house offers a spacious dining room, but you can also enjoy the chef’s gastronomy outdoors, on the restaurant’s lovely terrace.

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