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Shannon Bennet

With Bennett’s philosophy, you'll enjoy an unparalleled fine-dining experience. It's packed with theatrics and flair that you cannot experience anywhere else. This creative celebrity chef exhibits an uncompromising attitude to technique, service and quality. In any case, Bennett loves scouring the country for rare native ingredients. It’s his phenomenal dedication that makes him one of Australia’s most talented chefs and restaurateurs.


Vue de Monde

JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Vue de monde occupies the 55th floor of Melbourne's historic Rialto building. Here, celebrity chef Shannon Bennet shows that great dining can surely exist at astonishingly great heights. What to expect: an unforgettable fine-dining experience with a stunning view. Nobody embodies Australian hospitality better than chef Shannon Bennet does. Throughout the last two decades, he has continued to push for a truly progressive perspective on food and sustainability. Such as aiming to turn Vue de monde into Australia's most sustainable restaurant.

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