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Timo Agterberg

A talented chef who returned to his childhood restaurant

At the time when chef Timo Agterberg was a child, his father was the patron-chef at Restaurant De Witte Zwaan. Growing up in his family's kitchen, Timo learned the tricks of the trade from an early age. Later, Timo went to culinary school and got to work as an apprentice at restaurant De Hoefslag. Here, top chef Karl van Baggem taught him everything about the classic French cuisine. De Hoefslag also taught him to be disciplined as a chef. Next, Timo was employed at Restaurant De Saffraan as an apprentice cook. Chef Kars van Wechem's cooking style is light, airy, and elegant, with touches of oriental flavor. Here, Timo got a real taste of the passion for the cooking profession. He longed for more and hoped to become a successful restaurateur. Timo was only 21 years old when out of the blue, this big opportunity presented itself. In 2013, he returned to his home base and followed in his father’s footsteps. He became head chef of restaurant De Witte Zwaan. In 2015, his partner Danique Haaksman joined the team as a hostess. 

My dishes are light and fresh, and contain different flavours from all over the world.

Timo Agterberg

De Witte Zwaan

De Bilt, Netherlands
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Right in the center of De Bilt, next to the city of Utrecht, you will find restaurant De Witte Zwaan. This modern restaurant focuses on casual fine dining in a comfortable atmosphere.

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