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Event • May 17th, 2023


A special project of the association JRE-Croatia called "Chefs at sea" is traditionally held every year in a row, for one day in several different restaurants of the association.

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On this unique day, 13.6. at 7:00 p.m. dinners will start in 8 JRE-Croatia restaurants that will host 8 chefs from the international JRE family. Each chef will prepare a 5-course dinner for just one table!

One shared table for eight people in 8 restaurants of the JRE-Croatia association can be reserved right now by calling or asking the restaurants where the event is taking place!

 Choose your favorites and book your participation in this unique project. Find out below which restaurants are participating in the project and who is coming to dinner.

The price of a 5-course dinner is 200 euros per person!


  1. Restaurant Badi, Umag - Host chef Aleksandar Grubić & Guest chef Annett Teich, restaurant BK, JRE-France

  2. Konoba Boba, Murter - Host chef Vjeko Bašić & Guest chef Michael Ammon, Gasthaus Jakob, JRE-Germany

  3. Lešić Dimitri, Korčula - Host chef Marko Gajski & Guest chef Alessandro Ciriello's, L'Horizon, JRE-Belgium

  4. Pelegrini Tavern, Šibenik - Host chef Rudolf Štefan & Guest chef Chiel de Groot, Amused, JRE-Netherlands

  5. Restaurant Foša, Zadar - Host chef Saša Began & Guest chef Siggi Tschurtschenthaler, Adler, JRE-Switzerland

  6. San Rocco, Brtonigla - Host chef Floriana Ružić & Guest chef Teresa Gutierrez, Azafran, JRE-Spain

  7. Draga di Lovrana, Lovran's darling - Host chef Luka Goleš & Guest chef Sören Herzig, Herzig, JRE-Austria

  8. Korak, Jatrebarsko - Host chef Bernard Korak & Guest chef Christian Mittermeier, Villa Mittermeier, JRE-Germany