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interview • February 7th, 2022

Interview with Peter-Paul Swijnenburg


Since 2006, Peter-Paul Swijnenburg is the owner of restaurant Bentinck, and of the event locations Buitenplaats Amerongen and Buitenplaats Sparrendaal. Each year, about 500 meetings take place on the estates. The restaurant is open 5 days a week for lunch and dinner and is part of the historic Castle Amerongen estate. It is Peter’s mission to make his guests feel like royalty during their visit to restaurant Bentinck. Therefore, the restaurant offers excellent ambiance, informal but highly professional service, and delicious cuisine. A full restaurant is Peter's aim every day.

Peter-Paul, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I studied at the International Hotel Management School in Leeuwarden. Before I started my own company in 2006, I worked at a party catering company for 7 years.

What do you love most about working in hospitality?

The thing I like most is continuously innovating and reinventing so that you never cease to surprise. On the one hand, within the existing concepts you have for your company, but also being able to apply new expansions to them.

What has been the biggest change in the gastronomic industry since you started your career?

The biggest change for me is about to come. We will have to work with a smaller brigade. Building a motivated team is an impossible task after the corona crisis. This means that we have to adapt very directly to efficiency, centralization, and product development.

I like to approach my work with an open mind

Peter-Paul Swijnenburg


Which cuisine is your favourite and why?

Of course the cuisine of my own chef. I like it because he cooks according to classic, qualitative principles, but the dishes are digestible and light. I really enjoy his food myself.

What is your favourite dish on your restaurant’s menu?

Currently, my favourite is a delicious dish with red mullet, fermented tomato, elderflower in beurre blanc, and jalapeno.

If a guest is feeling adventurous, which dish will definitely tickle their fancy?

Then I would say, go for our vegetarian menu. This menu is so well-made, that you won't miss meat or fish at all. The vegetables and herbs are picked from the vegetable gardens of the castle and nearby Zuylestein estate. They have so much more flavour than those from the normal suppliers. It's really an experience.

Which dessert would you recommend for diners with a sweet tooth?

At the moment we have a dessert with Granny Smith apple & fennel. It’s very fresh. Not too sweet, but nicely balanced with the acids. We also serve a limoncello spritzer, which fits seamlessly.

What’s one thing in the area that your guests absolutely need to see or do?

Guests should definitely visit our neighbours, the museum of Castle Amerongen, and combine this with a nice lunch at restaurant Bentinck.

Do you have a vision of how you approach the gastronomy business?

I like to approach my work with an open mind and pleasure for my employees and guests, to create a royal ambiance.

Thank you, Peter-Paul.

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