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interview • November 4th, 2021

Interview with Robin Groos


Sommelier Robin Groos has a deep passion for wines. He initially wanted to become a chef, but throughout his life his interest shifted more toward wine. This is why his culinary training led him to a specialized program at the Wine Academy.  A wine enthusiast, Robin enjoys sharing his knowledge of wine with guests at restaurant Eden, where he makes sure every dish is paired with the perfect glass of wine. Eden is located in the Dutch city Valkenswaard, in the province of North Brabant, which is world-famous for its museum for car lovers, the DAF museum.

Robin, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

My name is Robin Groos. I live in Eindhoven and started working as a sommelier when I was 21 years old.

There are many different ways to become a sommelier, what type of educational path did you take?

When wine started to interest me I became a bit obsessed. I wanted to know everything about it. I started a sommelier study, but that didn’t go fast enough for me, so I did a lot of studying in my free hours. I started to get competitive and even entered a few wine competitions.

What characterizes a good sommelier?

A good sommelier follows his or her own path and character. A good sommelier doesn’t follow the hype and never goes for the commercial wines.

What are your personal rules for food and wine pairing?

Every wine pairing is very personal. I always try to make a combination that fits my own philosophy, as well as the dishes created by the chef.

What are some of the most special wines you have and how are they different from others?

I try to make a wine list where you can find other wines than the ones you would expect. I like to work with unknown grape varieties and lesser-known regions.

What are the qualities to look for when purchasing wine?

The wines need to have their own character and have to be affordable. Value for money is important for me. I believe you can get that balance in regions that are lesser-known and thereby are able to surprise you with their quality.

When wine started to interest me I became a bit obsessed

Robin Groos


What is the best wine you have tasted and what made it so great?

One of the most remarkable wines I ever tasted was a Canadian ice wine made of Vidal (a special grape variety). I will never forget the complexity and depth of that glass of wine.

Thank you, Robin.

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