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We are in difficult and uncertain times. In recent days, governments across Europe have decided, for security reasons, to impose massive restrictions on our daily lives in order to contain the outbreak of coronavirus. We fully respect and support these measures. That is why we would like to send you all a positive and warm message. Our industry is under serious threat, but because we support each other, we will meet this immense challenge together. Our main concern now is the safety and health of you, our guests, our partners, our loyal employees, our families, our friends and of course our suppliers. This pandemic requires insight and adaptation. It humbles us, it unites us... We will not give up! Unfortunately, many of us are no longer able to serve you as you are used to. We apologize for that! But we will overcome these crises and we will come back stronger because: WE CARE!

Stay healthy! Take care of each other!

Your JRE Community

Björn Swanson


Support your local Michelin

With the slogan "Support your local Michelin" we hope to welcome you back as soon as possible. To provide a little bit of excitement for the end of the pandemic, we continue to offer vouchers for special evenings over the roofs of Berlin.

In order to welcome you with our usual kitchen and service team, we would like to encourage you to support us by purchasing a voucher. (Call to action Button)

Our captain at the bar, Andreas Andricopuolos, will then welcome you with a drink on the house if you wish to redeem your voucher. To do so, simply enter #supportgolvet when you buy. This way we know afterwards who we can thank for the support. 

Easter at home

Since these days the ability to travel and move around is very limited, we would still like to make sure that the love of cuisine does not miss out on this Easter. Nevertheless, we try to provide a festively set table for a small family circle and offer an exclusive Easter menu for 2 people at Abholschalter.de, which you can easily finalize at home. 

Thomas Merkle

Merkles Restaurant

Take Away by Merkle

Merkles Restaurant offers a take-away service so that you don't have to do without the delicacies of chef Thomas Merkle.

Simply pick up your pre-ordered dish, personally cooked by Thomas Merkle, between the opening hours Wed-Sun 12-14 & 17-18, and enjoy it at home and in the restaurant.

You can order in advance at 0175 412 46 70 / 07642 7900 or info@merkles-restaurant.de.

Andreas Widmann

Widmann's Alb.leben

Swabian Soulfood to pick up or delivery

The Widmann's Alb.leben team is busy packing "Care Päckle" for you at home. Everything is prepared in such a way that it is easy to prepare at home. How about the "Grill Care Päckle" for the Angrill Season?

But you can also pick up pre-cooked dishes from the restaurant.

Wednesday - Saturday 15.00-18.00

Sunday 12.00-15.00

Order by phone: 07328/96270 / Mail or best online - www.loewen-zang.de

Adalbert Seebacher

Kraftwerk Restaurant

We have decided to offer some power plant pleasure packages at a moderate price.

In this way we want to spoil you within the scope of our possibilities and make your everyday life a little easier. Because sometimes you need a little time out yourself, but you don't want to miss out on the pleasure.

We have decided to focus on the topic of soul food. Because it is always nice when the scent of those dishes spreads that we have known and loved since our childhood.

You can finish our menus yourself at home with just a few simple steps. We have put together for you weekly changing 3-course menus and family package

It was important to us to find a way to pack freshly cooked food properly and to select dishes that - if stored correctly - can be kept for several days.

We hope that with our offer we can bring a little support and normality into your and our everyday life.

How the order process works and which dishes you can compose in which way, you can find here:

Tobias Bätz

Herrmann´s Romantik Posthotel

The classic inn kitchen is also available for at home

Whether delivery service or self-collector - Tobias Bätz continues to make his guests happy with his delicacies. Inquiries come from all over Germany. That's why the "Wirtshausküche to go" has quickly developed into a "dispatch warehouse" and now also delivers throughout Germany. The boxes are shipped from Hamburg to Munich.

Order hotline: 09227208444.

Real gourmet boxes - Here you can choose from 5 boxes.

The mostly pre-cooked food is vacuumed and packed into the box together with cooking instructions. At home the dishes are then finalized and afterwards you can enjoy it just like in a restaurant!

Who is looking forward to soon moments in the restaurant, has now the possibility to buy a "home voucher" in the brand new online shop. You can find more information on Facebook and on the website.

Franz Berlin

Hotel Berlins Krone

You can still enjoy the delicacies from the Hotel Berlin's Krone at home.

You can order by phone at 070/5392940 and takeaway meals between 12-19 o'clock.

Iris Bettinger

Hotel Restaurant Reuter

Delicatessen from the Deli Shop

In the Hotel Restaurant Reuter you still have the possibility to buy the delicacies in a small Deli Shop in the hotel! Whether salad dressing, fruit spread, braised pork cheeks or soups and stews - the Deli Shop leaves nothing to be desired!

Monday to Saturday open for you between 10.30 and 15 o'clock.

Steffen Disch

Gasthaus zum Raben

Raben2Go and dishes to cook

In the Gasthaus zum Raben you also have the possibility to pick up your food or have it delivered. How about a sushi plate arranged by Chef Steffen Disch?

Call and be ready to pick up 30 minutes later. Wednesday to Sunday 12-17 o'clock or by arrangement.

Delivery service between Thursday and Saturday. Price after arrangement.

Daniel Fehrenbacher

Hotel Restaurant Adler

Get a piece of eagle home in these difficult times and do not only yourself, but also the restaurant, something good...

Every day a dish and every day a new one and every day delicious!

Orders until the day before by mail at adler@adler-lahr.de. Pick up daily 15-18 o'clock directly at the reception or after a short call under 07821 906390 directly to the car.

All dishes at the price of € 12.

Let's go - Drive in!

Victoria Fuchs

Restaurant Spielweg

In the restaurant Spielweg you have the chance to pre-order the delicious food and then pick it up or have it delivered brand new!

Environmentally friendly in Weck - glasses packed, the delicacies are ready for you and wait for your call 076367090 or mail fuchs@spielweg.com.

#wirblebenzuhause is also in the restaurant Spielweg on the agenda. But chef Victoria Fuchs tries to keep you up to date with delicious recipes online every day!

Have a look at Facebook and let the cooking begin.

Andreas Laux

Schloss Eberstein

For all those who do not want to do without Schloss-Küche at home, the Schloss-Eberstein delivery service will continue to exist! You will receive the delivery dishes individually vacuumed with instructions for warming them up. A minimum shelf life of 5 days is guaranteed!

You also don't have to do without our glass of quality wine. It will be delivered on request.

Order between 8 - 21 o'clock under 07224995950 or under info@schlosseberstein.com

Sascha Stemberg

Restaurant Haus Stemberg

Take Away by "Stemmi"

Sascha Stemberg also offers you pleasure at home in his restaurant Haus Stemmberg. Let the line glow and order some Soulfood. How about Thunatataki? Or Skrei on wild garlic risotto? Or maybe you prefer the Wiener Schnitzel?

Orders can be placed daily at 020535649 or at stemmi@tv-stemberg.de.

Maximilian Lorenz

Restaurant Maximilian Lorenz

The vast majority has voted for the restaurant Maximilian Lorenz to continue to spoil you with culinary feast for the eyes even in times of #stayathome.

Have a look at Instagram @restaurant_maximilianlorenz or on Facebook!

Benjamin Maerz

Maerz – Das Restaurant

The restaurant Maerz is busy packing boxes for you at home. Everything ready prepared and seasoned. Child's play and also easy to manage for a "non star chef".

Order by 10 a.m. and pick up the same day. Orders via WhatsApp on 017683166452. 2 boxes or more will be delivered within a 15 km radius. 

Markus Pape

Meisenheimer Hof

Markus Pape and his team at the Meisenheimer Hof are also going through difficult times. We have the perfect idea how you can still support the Meisenheimer Hof! Just buy one of the vouchers and look forward to your next visit soon! The amount is freely selectable.

Voucher orders by mail under mail@meisenheimer-hof.de

Hans-Harald Reber

Rebers Pflug Restaurant

Also support Hans-Harald Reber and his team at Rebers Pflug Restaurant during this time. With the purchase of an individual voucher you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the people who otherwise lovingly prepare their delicious food at Rebers Pflug Restaurant.

Voucher orders by mail at info@rebers-pflug-en.

Valentin Rottner

Gourmet Restaurant Waidwerk

Valentin Rottner and his team from the gourmet restaurant Waidwerk are also happy about diligent voucher purchases! They can just as little expect to be able to spoil you again soon.

In addition, on selected days you can also pick up your lunch and a drinkable wine with it.

Phone orders under 01738529364

Benjamin Unger

Hotel Blauer Engel

If you don't want to do without Benjamin Unger's "Lottersküche" from the Hotel Blauer Engel either, there is a delivery service for you from now on! A small selection of "Angel Classics" is waiting for you to be advised and ordered. Delivered in boxes in which the food can be reheated.

Best to order the day before under 03771-5920 or under info@hotel-blauerengel.de.

Alexander Wulf

Burgstuben Residenz St. Jacques

The team of Alexander Wulf now delivers 3 or 4 course menus to your home. And all this without contact. It will be delivered to the front door at the desired time, rung the bell and driven away. You can order and pay for the menu on the Internet.

The food is prepared in such a way that you have max. 5 minutes of work to heat it up.

You can book a bottle of wine online, so that the time at home remains relaxed.

You can order on the website or by phone on 02453 306980.

Have a look at Instagram in the story highlight "Out-of-Home Special" at @burgstubenresidenz

Christian Ottenbacher

Adler Asberg Hotel & Restaurant

The Christian Ottenbacher in the Adler Asberg Hotel & Restaurant also joins in and prepares the dishes for pick-up.

Reservations in each case on the day before from 9:00 clock to 17:00 clock under 07141/26600 or info@adler-asperg.de. 

Markus Nagy

Landgasthof Zum Hirsch

Hirsch To Go

Delicious dishes and delicacies to pick up also from Markus Nagy from the Landgasthof zum Hirsch. Who would not like to have a "Hirsch To Go"?

Orders under 07232 79636.

Rolf Straubinger

Burghotel Staufeneck

The team around Rolf Staubinger is pleased to receive your support in these particularly difficult times in the form of a voucher purchase. If you order a voucher, you will receive a 10% discount if the value of the voucher exceeds 100€.

So: Happy Shopping!

Cornelia Poletto

Restaurant Cornelia Poletto

You don't have to do without the good Poletto cuisine, despite the current situation! Within Hamburg you have the possibility to choose from a classic menu and order your favourite dish for pick-up/delivery by phone at 040-4802159.

Order 12-20 o'clock.

Felix Diez

Rive Fish & Faible

The kitchen is cold now. From now on it is closed for lunch. However, you can use vouchers to help you plan a nice summer day. 

Alexander Tschebull

Tschebull Restaurant-Beisl-Bar

Dear people out there, we (and I'm sure we speak for all gastronomes) miss you all.

The colourful hustle and bustle, the happy guests, the nice conversations, the work colleagues and the whole togetherness.

Our guests can support us at the moment by buying vouchers and then we'll see you again soon. See you soon and make it good

Jochen Helfesrieder

Störchen Restaurant Hotel

With a heavy heart, the Storchen and the Schwarzwaldschön are closed indefinitely - at least until April 19.

But you don't have to do without the pleasure of our cuisine.

Vacuum-packed, for (heart-)warming and indulging, we now have

You can find fine things to pick up at home here