German food conference: An end to excessive price dumping


Alexander Huber has been president of the Jeunes Restaurateurs (JRE) and head chef of the restaurant “Huberwirt” in Pleiskirchen since January 2019.

Last Monday Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of food and nutrition Julia Klöckner invited the German food industry and the retailing branch to the food summit to discuss the controversial cheap food campaigns. Background are the continuing protests of farmers, who, in addition to new environmental regulations, are also fighting against cheap price actions for meat and other food.

Alexander Huber,President of the Jeunes Restaurateurs (JRE), comments on these issues:

The food summit is long overdue and is a step in the right direction. Finally, something is moving! It remains to be seen what solutions will follow this meeting, but a start has been made.

Independently of these talks, something fundamental must change in the consciousness of politicians, retailers and consumers. Food is not just any ordinary good. Therefore, food cannot be offered at junk prices. How can standards be maintained at such dumping prices which take into account both animal welfare and the healthy nutrition of the population?

Quality has its price and that also applies to food. The current self-understanding that food can be obtained at cheap prices is disastrous. This applies not only to the retail industry, but also to the gastronomy. A Schnitzel with chips and salad for €9 simply is too cheap - no gastronomer can make a living out of that and the guest receives poor quality on his plate.That is why the demand to the politicians is once again being made here: Everyone must be able to afford quality-guaranteed food at a reasonable price. It should not be the privilege of the wealthy to eat healthy and sustainable food.

A new eating culture in Germany has long been a serious concern to the Jeunes Restaurateurs. This is why we have launched the “Chefs Initiative”. With our alliance, we are fighting together with many partners from the world of gastronomy for the appreciation of enjoyment and diet and are dedicated to guarantee quality, sustainability and regionalism.

HuberEven if the food summit was the right signal. Further efforts are needed to enforce the necessary changes. And it can only work if everyone participates. The industry, politics and society - our common goal must be a new food and nutrition culture in Germany!

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