Miele masterclass: restaurant Dubravkin put is matching coffee and chocolate


On October 14th we held our fifth masterclass this year, from the series of Miele Croatia & JRE Croatia workshops. The topic of this hands-on  masterclass were chocolate and coffee. However, do not be puzzled and think we were cooking only for the sweet tooth!

Our partners on the project were Miva galerije vina which assured the wines - Selekcija Malvazija by Kozlović which won Platinum at DWWA 2020 and Boškinac Cuvee, a star from the cellar of the producer who was award winning wines, Michelin starred restaurant and 5 stars boutique hotel. 

Plates were provided by Serax and Sumisura, assured though our patner Duke group who covers all our workshops and events. 

And as we use to say in Croatia - sugar comes at the end - partner for coffee was Hung & Punch, company owned by true enthusiasts who explained us the niche world of coffee and its beans. Beside being THE coffee  place, Hug & Punch is a home of a very special educational center https://www.hugandpunch.com/hr/o-nama 

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