Miele masterclass: restaurant Pergola & white truffles


November is the season for white truffles which are the gem of Istria and its fine treasure. Chef Fabricio Vežnaver from Istrian restaurant Pergola gave us the dinner for kings (and queens) in an elegant Miele Zagreb experience center. Truffles were provided by Karlić family, a well known address for truffle hunting tours with dogs. 

Wines were provided by our wine partner Miva galerija vina. With the dessert we served Grappa Nonino Prunella Mandorlata, which finely blended with the white chocolate and almond dessert. Our olive oil partner Chiavalon provided the premium extra virgin olive oils. 

Last but not the least, since we indeed do eat with our eyes are the plates! They are provided from Duke group, our supplier of Serax and Sumisura finely designed porcelain. 

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