Jeunes Restaurateurs Deutschland (JRE) was founded 30 years ago. The association is celebrating the anniversary with a special offer: for the first time in its thirty-year joint history, the same menu will be available in almost all restaurants on one day - interpreted by each member with their own individual cooking style.

The German section of the Jeunes Restaurateurs has been in existence since 1991. A whole 30 years in which the top German chefs have prepared a wealth of delicious dishes. Until now, however, there has never been a uniform JRE menu that is offered simultaneously in all of the members' restaurants. This is about to change, just in time for the upcoming anniversary of JRE Germany.

The Heritage Dinner - which is offered in all restaurants at the same price of 129 euros - features classic dishes from the top cuisine. "Even if the same menu is on the menu in every restaurant, nowhere will exactly the same thing be on the plate," says Alexander Huber. "Each of the participating JRE members will also show their own signature in the classics. In a single day, we will thus show the great diversity of top German cuisine."

Reservations are to be made at all participating establishments themselves. You can find them in the menu item under the tab "Restaurants".

We wish you much pleasure and above all bon appétit!

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