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the authentic bread makers from Bavaria

Bäckerei Markus Steinleitner

Bäckerei Markus Steinleitner: the authentic bread makers from Bavaria

We strive to make bread that reminds us of our childhood. If you bite into our bread, it should trigger a little moment of happiness on your palate – a piece of an ideal world. Today, baking bread is more of an art of omission than it used to be. We are committed to only working with a handful of ingredients. Flour, water, rock salt, and yeast if needed, and a few oilseeds, nuts, spices – that's all. The long dough maturing times, home-grown sourdoughs, pre-doughs, and the right temperature conditions guarantee natural and wholesome bread.

Bäckerei Markus Steinleitner

Niederwinkling, Deutschland

Markus Steinleitner

Markus Steinleitner is a passionate baker, bread specialist and quality fanatic. With regional and single-variety flour, he bakes one of the best baguettes in Germany. Long dough maturing times, natural fermentation and tinkering with unusual ingredients are specialties of this master baker and bread sommelier. He has created over 350 bread recipes.

"Our whole life is dedicated to enjoyment. It fascinates us to get to know people with similar ideas, like those in the JRE network who also live this vocation. With our fascinating values, we can reach many connoisseurs."

Markus Steinleitner

Owner Bäckerei Markus Steinleitner GmbH & Co. KG

Sourdough breads with home-grown natural sourdough, which is pulled over 3 stages every day.
The most French baguette outside of France comes from Lower Bavaria. The dough rests for up to 72 hours.
Fruit bread
Spelled specialties and fruit bread with lots of nuts, especially great for a cheese platter.

We only buy our flour and other ingredients from local suppliers if they're available in the high quality we require

Bavarian water & Bavarian grain

The Steinleitners live and work in a region known as the breadbasket of Bavaria. "We only buy our flour and other ingredients from local suppliers if they're available in the high quality we require," says the baker. Moreover, he values sustainability, harmony with nature and the careful handling of bread, a staple food. In this way, he ensures that returns are not thrown away, but go to the Straubinger Tafel. “Around 220 additives are permitted in breadmaking. Of these, we use none! We only bake our bread with what Bavarian nature gives us.

Original Steinleitner

Indispensable for Steffi and Markus Steinleitner: natural ingredients such as flour, water, natural salt, occasionally yeast, natural herbs or oils. However, most importantly, the dough needs rest as well as a lot of love. We bake the breads like grandmother used to bake them and let the dough rest for 72 hours. This makes them particularly tasty and easy to digest. In particular, they go well with wine and cheese, but can also be served simply with finely salted butter or dipped in olive oil.

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Bäckerei Markus Steinleitner GmbH & Co. KG Dorfplatz 2 94559 Niederwinkling Deutschland

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