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Authentic Franconian fine wines 

Winzerhof Stahl

Winzerhof Stahl: authentic Franconian fine wines 

In 1814, the Stahl company was founded as an agricultural business and became a winery in 1984. Here, Christian Stahl and his team are committed to embracing change. This has been an important criterion for the boss, with which he has moved the winery forward in recent years.  Every day, the team asks itself: how can we improve? Can we improve cultivation, wine cellar practices, or grape varieties? What does the customer want? What about our partners? Stahl's motto is: Every year a little bit better! Christian Stahl grows wine without unnecessarily interfering with nature, almost all the harvest is picked by hand, and all fertilizers and weed control is natural.

Winzerhof Stahl

Auernhofen, Deutschland

Christian Stahl

Winemaker by accident, but with great passion

The winemaker was born in 1978. Initially, Christian was only interested in volleyball, but later he wanted to study graphic design or computer science. He did, however, finish an apprenticeship as a winemaker and was able to get to know the two-hectare vineyard owned by his parents. He became more inspired by his job as a winegrower and got his degree in viticulture.  According to him, he became a vintner by chance. But Christian is glad to have found something he’s really good at. Stahl is down-to-earth and follows his own taste and ideas instead of every trend. This means wine is more than just a cultural asset to him. Christian believes that the guest should drink the whole bottle after taking the first sip, and he wants to show every day that Franken is more than just Bocktüte.

“Our goal is to work with only the best. That’s why collaborating with JRE is great, they are the essence of young visionaries."

Christian Stahl

Owner Winzerhof Stahl

Main Valley & Tauber Valley

Despite Franconia's relatively small vineyards, it has a 1220-year-old wine-growing tradition dating back to donations from Charlemagne in the Hammelburg area. The vineyards of Winzerhof Stahl are located in the Main Valley and in the Tauber Valley. These valleys are the white wine areas, as winemaker Christian Stahl explains: "The local climate and shell limestone soil produce typical Stahl wines that are salty, juicy, and aromatic." However, the region does more than influence the wine. Christian is ambitious: "We want to influence the region with our wine!"

Far away from old-fashioned Franconian ideas

Christian Stahl assesses the quality of his wine by using an uncommon criterion: the flow rate. The result should be a high level of drinking pleasure without filling you up. Stahl wine is uncomplicated and exhilarating. Full-bodied, refreshing and aromatic. Whichever variety you choose.  Here’s a small selection: "First Fass 2015" promises a wonderfully fresh aroma of ice candy and fresh bananas. "Feder Stahl Müller-Thurgau 2014" is reminiscent of ripe peaches and yellow citrus fruits and is said to be a lot of drinking fun, and "Damaszener Stahl Weißburgunder 2015” has subtle nuances of tangerine yoghurt. Cheers and bon appetit!


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Winzerhof Stahl - Christian Stahl Lange Dorfstrasse 21 97215 Auernhofen Deutschland

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