Exclusive and limited edition of JRE Malvazia Kozlović

Gianfranco & Antonella Kozlović, famous Croatian winemakers teamed up with chefs of JRE Croatia  to create an exclusive and limited line of JRE Malvazia Kozlović. Malvazia is an indigenous Croatian white wine, its grapes are sourced from the Santa Lucia single vineyard, the premier winemaking district. 

Each of the 2160 bottles comes with a wine certificate and has hand-signed number.


The family-owned Kozlović winery has been around since 1904. Indigenous varieties, such as Malvazia, Teran and Muscat Momiano, are at the very heart of its business. Four generations have worked tirelessly to make the family name what it is today – synonymous with quality, professionalism and, above all, a love for fine wine. Kozlović wines are served at several Michelin starred restaurants in Europe.