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La Mancha Saffron Ensaladilla

We asked our Spanish top chef Teresa Gutiérrez of restaurant Azafrán to share one of her favorite recipes so you can make it and impress all your friends and family at home. In this exclusive recipe, she shows you how to recreate her signature salad dish: La Mancha Saffron Ensaladilla. Put on your chef’s apron and let’s start cooking!

La Mancha Saffron Ensaladilla

Start by boiling the potatoes in water with salt in a medium saucepan. When they’re ready, peel and grate the boiled potatoes.    Next, cut the carrots and haricots into small pieces. Boil the carrots, haricots, and beans for about 5 minutes, and then move them to an ice bath. Boil the eggs for ten minutes. When they’re boiled, peel and chop them.    For the sauce, mix the Dijon mustard, honey, extra virgin olive oil, and La Mancha saffron. To obtain the maximum flavour from the saffron, infuse the saffron and extra virgin olive one day before cooking. Mix the grated potatoes, boiled vegetables, chopped eggs, and ¾ parts of saffron sauce together in a bowl, with the mayonnaise.    It’s time to enjoy your dish! Serve on a deep plate and cover with more Saffron sauce, anchovies and some greens. This salad is usually served at the center of the table, with crackers or bread sticks on the side for dipping.

1 kg Potatoes
150 g Carrots
150 g Beans
150 g Haricots
4 Eggs
4 Anchovies
100 g Honey
100 g Dijon Mustard
150 ml Extra virgin olive oil
9 strands La Mancha saffron
2 tbsp Mayonnaise
50 g Green leaf salad


Teresa Gutiérrez

restaurant Azafrán