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recipe • Pasta

Vermicelli | duck | fennel

Category Pasta
Persons 4

The PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI X JRE ROOKIE CHALLENGE is to create a fusion between cultures, flavors and ingredients by creating a recipe focused on one type of pasta from Pastificio dei Campi and top local ingredients. Each recipe consists of at least one type of pasta and 2 local ingredients (chef's location). The challenge is open to everyone working at a JRE restaurant in Europe.

Enrico Grillo from the Restaurant Trippini in Italy, created a dish with Vermicelli di Gragnano, Duck and Fennel.

"The dish represents my idea of ​​cuisine linked to the territory, which is expressed in the two main techniques present: smoking and fermentation."

Smoked butter

I used the butter, cold smoked with olive wood and made it rest for at least 5 hours.

100 g Smoked butter

Duck breast

  • Cook the duck breast in a pan, first on the skin side, then with smoked butter and fresh wild fennel.

  • Let it rest and cut it into thin slices.

1 Duck breast

Duck broth

  • Make a broth with the duck bones and some vegetables (carrots, onion, celery).

  • Use it to finish cooking the pasta, like a risotto.

Duck broth

Fermented fennel

Make a brunoise with the fermented fennel and a sauce mixing the liquid part of the fermentation with the duck broth.

200g Fermented fennel

Burnt onion

  • Cool the onion in the oven until burning it, then let it cool down.

  • Make a powder from it with a blender.

1 Burnt onion


  • Cooked the vermicelli in hot salted water for half the cooking time, then finish to cook them in a pan with the duck broth.

  • Cream the pasta with some Parmesan cheese and the smoked butter.

320g Vermicelli di Gragnano pasta

On a plain dish, add the sauce obtained mixing the broth and the fermentation liquid, then lay the vermicelli on top of it. Put the sliced duck breast on the sides and the burnt onion powder on top. Finish the plate adding the fennel brunoise.