DARIO CADONAU - IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau, Brail, Switzerland - Taste of Origin Award 2017/18 - by Pommery
Dario Cadonau lives in harmony with the environment and is clearly very proud of that. Committed to serving fresh, sustainable produced and ethically sourced ingredients, going all the way to find the best local and seasonal produce. We honour that Dario that like Pommery – is dedicated to sustainable development and raises awareness of how our choices impact the world around us.

LAURENT SMALLEGANGE - Restaurant Spetters, Breskens, The Netherlands - Heritage Award 2017/18 - by Grana Padano

JRE has been committed to keeping tradition alive for almost 45 years and we gathered a veritable pool of talent. In the name of our peers, their art of long-standing expertise, we acknowledge here today Laurent Smallegange who focuses on the transfer of skills and knowledge. The innovation of Laurent goes hand in hand with tradition – the past is, after all, an endless source of inspiration. Together with Grana Padano we salute the Chef who preserves the past and celebrates the future.

STEVEN DEHAEZE - Culinair, Lauwe, Belgium - Entrepreneur Award 2017/18 - by Mastercard
To dine at one of our JRE restaurants is to enjoy a seamless, perfectly executed fine dining experience. However, behind the scenes, a team of true professionals is guided by Steven Dehaeze, working tirelessly to ensure only the highest of standards. Perfect, discreet, almost invisible. ‘Never-ending passion’ is sensed in everything what is going on here. Priceless…. The Entrepreneur Award in cooperation with MasterCard is a homage to Steven who masters this with great distinction.

RUDOLF ŠTEFAN - Pelegrini, Šibenik, Croatia - Service Award 2017/18 - by S.Pellegrino / Acqua Panna
Rudolf Štefan puts maximum soul and spirit into the well being of the guests – everything from the perfect ambience and a carefully curated wine cellar, right down to the ability to support young professionals to excel in the art of outstanding service, performing to the highest level. In conjunction with S.Pellegrino / Acqua Panna we bestow this Service Award to the most outstanding JRE in this field.

TOMAŽ KAVČIČ - Gostilna Pri Lojzetyu, Vipava, Slovenia - Innovation Award 2017/18 - by Nespresso
Innovation is the key to progress. Tomaž Kavčič attaches great importance to upholding the very best of gourmet cuisine, respect culinary heritage and safeguards the future, whilst constantly creating unexpected experiences and unique pleasures. Using state-of-the art techniques to create inspiring gastronomy and innovative dishes for a new era. In cooperation with Nespresso, we honour Tomaž, he shows audacity in pursuit of both excellence and creativity.

EDWIN SOUMANG - Restaurant ONE, Roermond, The Netherlands - Talent of the Year Award 2017/18 - by Pastificio dei Campi
Edwin Soumang is driven by the desire. But more than that, this Chef perfectly strikes the right balance between these two elements, ensuring they are in harmony with his personal values and philosophy. Edwin has the extraordinary skill and creativity to take gourmet standards to the highest level possible. We’ve teamed up with Pastificio dei Campi to present this Talent of the Year Award to the ultimate creator of flavour and taste.

ALEXANDER HUBER - HUBERWIRT, Pleiskirchen, Germany - Never-Ending Passion Award 2017/18 - by Jeunes Restaurateurs

‘Never-ending passion’ is our motto. We are all role model. But rarely one encounters, Alexander Huber has great exemplary vision, skills and willpower to make ideas become reality. This year we honour that Alexander with this rare and extraordinary Award for his dedication to our association. Realizing our philosophy. Creating a platform and supporting exemplary producers to improve the quality of ingredients and making us all understand the value and future of Good Food.