Special fundraising auction for Slovenian Mali


Mali (little) Kris, a 19-month-old Slovenian boy was born with a very serious disease called spinal muscular atrophy. He only has 4 months to get revolutionary medicine from the USA that will help him cure the disease. The whole Slovenia stepped together to raise 2,3 million euro of funds that will allow Kris to get his medications. Hiša Franko already made a donation and chef Ana Roš is giving three of her chef jackets for auction here on our Facebook page. Each of these jackets is unique and full of stories. The story of Ana as a member of the jury of the finals San Pellegrino young chef 2018 in Milan, the story of Ana and trout Marta on the stage of Madrid Fusion 2019... Ana’s JRE jacket is a symbol of the first organisation that recognised Ana as a talented chef, giving her the award of Talent of the year 2015. The initial price is 250 euro per jacket. The whole amount will be given as a donation for Kris. The auction will end on Monday, September 30, at 7am, UTC +2 (Slovenian local time). Please bid in comments and share for karma points. On Monday afternoon local time, Hiša Franko will publish the highest offers and ask winners to contact. The new chef’s jackets owners are getting a free tasting menu in Hiša Franko.

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