Since 2008, some Jeunes Restaurateurs have begun "jamming". Like musicians, we improvise dishes from a surprise basket, arranged by Metro and supplemented with products and novelties from our partners.

In 2017, we will present the new concept of our "Art of Cooking" sessions.

Ten places are reserved at each "Art of Cooking" session for chefs, sommeliers and partners from the food industry.    


Inspiring Culinary Jam sessions

Les Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe is a group of young, ambitious chefs who, by virtue of internal quality selection, are found at the top of European gastronomy. Their objective is clear: to create a new European kitchen.

They are inventive with traditional values and in their search for new taste duets and original combinations these pioneers are pushing culinary borders forwards.

Since 2008, some Jeunes Restaurateurs have begun "jamming" to hone each other's talent. Like musicians, they improvise with products from a surprise basket, resulting in an ever-more astonishing cuisine. This book is a reflection of the talent and passion of the cream of young Belgian chefs.

Art of Cooking by Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe
170 x 220 mm – 128 pages – €19.95
Dutch and French – ISBN 9789089311870
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