How to become a Jeune Restaurateur

The Jeunes Restaurateurs are not an association you can simply join.

The following criteria must be met:


At the time of admission to the association, one must be not more than 37 and not less than 25 years old. The active membership changes with the age of 50. One receives the status Table d'Honneur. At 55, a jeune restaurateur becomes Membre d'Honneur and retires from active membership of the association.


A young top chef has to have worked as an independent restaurateur for several years to be nominated.


The successful work of the chef needs to be reflected in writing. Listing in three relevant restaurant guides is a precondition for a nomination.


Only those candidates recommended by at least two members of the Jeunes Restaurateurs will be accepted. In addition, members take on a sponsorship and support the applicant on his or her way into the world of Jeunes Restaurateurs. Active applications can be made by sending a letter of intent to the office of the Jeunes Restaurateurs.


The application will be examined by the board of directors. In addition, the question of regional preservation is clarified in the applicant's region. At least two colleagues visit the Jeunes Restaurateurs applicant afterwards to get an impression of the professional and especially the human side of the applicant.


In a general meeting the admission of the candidate is decided by open vote. Before the vote, the two members who have visited the candidate's restaurant give their assessment.

Contact person for admission questions:

Christian Bügel

Sachsenring 40
D-50677 Cologne
T. +49 (0) 221 222 77 40

Melanie Raffler

Sachsenring 40
D-50677 Cologne
T. +49 (0) 221 292 952 32