JRE-the Netherlands is proud and celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Jeunes Restaurateurs d' Europe changes its name to JRE-Jeunes Restaurators and adopts a new corporate identity.

The JRE Youth Week will be set up, known in the first year as' JRE Springbreak'. The JRE Youth Week is a week in which young people up to 25 years old get a 50% discount at JRE restaurants. The Netherlands may for the second time call itself host country of the international JRE congress; in April, our country brings some 270 international JRE chefs to Roermond. The international company comes from 12 European countries and is officially welcomed by the mayor at the town hall. This is also the starting shot for a fantastic event full of culinary, festive and special moments.

Rik Jansma of Restaurant Basilica takes over the chairmanship of Lex Gasseling. Streetdine' is introduced, an event in which all JRE restaurants in the Netherlands - at the same time - serve a 5-minute minute menu at a unique location. Here, random guests are picked from the street and invited to sit down at the table, after which they are served a dish with a glass of wine. This is a small culinary experience, as it normally takes place in a JRE restaurant.

A large delegation of members of the JREN Netherlands enjoys a wine trip to South Africa at the beginning of February, during this trip the spotlight will be on the famous Bellingham house. A visit will be made to the Bellingham Estate, where the members will be given a tasting session led by winemaker Niel Groenewald. After this, you can fully enjoy the delicacies during a real South African braai. JRE-Nederland exists exactly 20 years old, to celebrate this second lustrum, five regions organize the same number of luncheon events for guests. In the months of May and June the restaurant association organizes meetings where several restorers and cooks prepare and serve a well-kept walking lunch.

Lex Gasseling takes over the chairmanship of Patrick van Zuiden.

At the end of 2009, the JRE Culibus will be presented, a foundation with the aim of offering and providing young people with healthy and nutritious meals on location. This concerns young people who need it for social, cultural and/or economic reasons.

Patrick van Zuiden takes over the chairmanship of Eugène van Angelbeek.

Eugène van Angelbeek takes over the chairmanship of Remco Vermeulen.

JRE-Nederland enters into a partnership with KLM, and business class meals are being developed for all KLM flights departing from Amsterdam. Every three months another member is responsible for this menu, the cooperation will be continued successfully until 2010. In December of this year, JRE-Nederland published the cookbook' At home in the Kitchen', after which' Uit in de Keuken II' is published.

Remco Vermeulen takes over the chairmanship of Erwin Rozendal.

Every two years the young talented chefs of the JRE meet at a special location in Europe, each time hosted by a different country. This year is the culinary honour to the Dutch dependance, in March this great international event will take place in Amsterdam.

Hans van Manen sells D' n Doedelaer and becomes International Director of' Jeunes Restaurateurs d' Europe'.

Erwin Rozendal takes over the chairmanship of Ron Blaauw.

Ron Blaauw takes over the chairmanship of Bernard Tesink.

Bernard Tesink will take over the chairmanship of Rein Murre.

The JRE was launched in 1974 under the name' Jeunes Restaurateurs de France'. Due to the successful concept and the great international interest - from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and others - the association was renamed' Jeunes Restaurateurs d' Europe' in 1993. In March of the same year, the JRE also established a Dutch department. On 22 March 1993, seven young Dutch restorers, striving jointly to reach the top, will join forces on 22 March as the Dutch branch of the' Jeunes Restaurateurs d' Europe'. Chairman Rein Murre of Restaurant Pien in Dalfsen. The first Dutch members are Restaurant Pien, Restaurant Visvliet, Landgoed de Slotplaats, In d' Hooghe Heeren, Het Boterlam, Chablis and Restaurant Rousseau.