New Members

Information regarding new member applications

How do you become a member of JRE?

To become a member, you must:
• be between 23 and 42 years old
• be mentioned in Belgian culinary guides

• be sponsored by two existing members of JRE
• be the owner of the restaurant or have a minimum of 50% interest in the business
• have a great desire to become an active member
• aspire to have a gourmet kitchen
• comply with European and Belgian legislation and JRE terms and conditions

JRE membership is open to young restaurateurs and chefs under the age of 42. However, when members reach 50 years old, they are awarded ‘honorary’ status and join JRE’s ‘Table d’Honneur’.

As a member, you are required to:

• use the facade panel (mandatory)
• offer the guide to guests at your restaurant (mandatory)
• display our welcome items (recommended)
• use the logo in all communications with the press (mandatory)
• participate in partner events (recommended)
• include a link to the JRE website on your website (mandatory)

Financial obligations:

• An entry contribution of €500 (this covers webpage creation, photo, administration, etc.)
• A deposit of €250 for the facade panel
• A monthly membership fee of €170 for a minimum of 12 months via direct debit (annual indexing)
We have seen that our active members easily recoup their membership fee up to two or three times over by participating in numerous promotions and activities.

In return, you receive:

• JRE gift vouchers
• Exposure in magazines
• Demos
• Various opportunities in collaboration with our partners
• Many more exciting opportunities

Contact us via if you are interested in becoming a member.