Chef Stories: Marie Robert


When trying to describe Marie Robert’s particularly style of cooking, words like instinctive, spontaneous, playful and colourful spring to mind. As Marie herself puts it: “I really want my guests to discover the pleasure of taste and above all to treat them to a little magic. It is very important to me that my hosts leave the restaurant having had a wonderful time.” But Marie also likes to underline that her cuisine, in particular, is a team effort. 

In order to create culinary delights at the Café Suisse in Bex, Switzerland, Marie has the perfect partner in sommelier Arnaud Gorse, together with whom she shares a single vision: to please.

The restaurant itself has a particular character, defined by its high ceilings, decorations and double staircase leading up to the gallery. However, Marie likes to adapt the layout, the colours, the furniture and accessories from time to time in order to ensure a constant renewal of the location. The kitchen team has constantly grown over the years and has now reached a total of seven, who all work together in harmony with the aim of continually surpassing themselves in order to pamper guests with the finest cuisine and service.

Marie believes that the true spice of life is to have objectives and dreams, without which it would be monotonous and boring. That is why she is literally bursting with ideas, which most recently led to a complete redesign of the kitchen as well as new décor and furniture. In the building that now houses Le Café Suisse was originally a farm. In 2010 the then 21-year-old chef Marie Robert took over the restaurant. She was recently named Cook of the Year 2019 by GaultMillau with a score of 16/20.

This article was published first in the JRE-magazine Passion (Autumn 2019).

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