Palates of JRE chefs and flavours of Chiavalon olive grooves

The idea of the project was to create the perfect match between JRE culinary expertise and the best Croatian olive oil. Proudly we partnered with Chiavalon and from 4 samples the Chefs have selected a blend of 2 Croatian indigenous varieties – Buža and Rosulja. The result an extra virgin olive oil with of which the ‘nose’ is intensive but refined with a dominant scent of freshly cut grass and hint of tomato and rocket On the palate a well-balanced spiciness which enables a large variety of applications in dishes and on plate.

JRE Chiavalon EVOO comes with a specially designed label designed by the awarded agency Bruketa&Žinić. JRE Chiavalon Olive oil is exclusively available in JRE restaurants and at the Chiavalon estate.