On invitation of EATMATUA 3 International JRE Chefs came to Italy to cook a dinner with their signature dish using local ingredients from Mantova. 


Hubert Wallner

See restaurant Saag


Ramon Dios

El Mesón de Fuencarral


Raymond Cornelissens

Le Vauban

#EATMANTUA focuses on the intense relationship between Art-Food-Power. At the dawn of our civilization the convivium and the symposium were the fundamental moments of encounter, hospitality (xenia in Greek), and community building. In continuity with this tradition, they entered the life of the Renaissance and modern courts and, hence, the Palazzo Te and Mantua. The project explores the scenario of a modern day convivium in which the Palazzo, as a public space, becomes once again a place where food and the actions involved in its preparation lie at the centre of a wider social ritual. Food, agricultural products and cooking are expressions of the identity, history, traditions and values of the Mantuan area. More than just nourishment, they define work and human talent, a form of art and representation with an important history and many leading characters. As with music, literature, theatre, art and fashion, over the centuries Mantuan cuisine has made history and is one of its most appreciated forms of artistic creativity. The spotlight will be directed on the historical relationship between the land and nature, and the ability to produce high quality raw materials. A long and exciting collection of individual and social histories has secured the primacy of Mantua and its surrounding area in the field of food and wine. This illustrious tradition is now part of a collective heritage enjoyed by local citizens, visitors and the public alike.

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