KRISTOF COPPENS - Apriori, Haaltert, Belgium - Entrepreneur Award 2015/16 - by Diners Discover
For the guests in our JRE Restaurants, everything looks harmonious, smooth and impeccable, but behind the magical appearance lie professionalism of the teams and the expertise of the Jeunes who guide them. Exemplary skills are dedicated to uphold the highest possible standards. Perfectly discreet, almost invisible but in every way you sense that a character of passion is mastering the scene. With the encouragement of Diners Discover we honor the Master of distinction.

THORSTEN PROBOST - Griggeler Stuba, Lech, Austria - Innovation Award 2015/16 - by Nespresso
Innovation is the fundament of progress. We attach great value to uphold the very best of gourmet cuisine, respect culinary heritage and safeguard our future while constantly creating unexpected experiences and unique pleasures. Regional products of the best quality, modern techniques and state-of-the art methods are used to create inspiring gastronomy and innovative dishes of the new era. In cooperation with Nespresso, leader in coffee innovation this Award is presented to the chef that has shown audacity in its pursuit of excellence and creativity.

PEDRO MONJE - Via Veneto, Barcelona, Spain - Service Award 2015/16 - by Acqua Panna
Behind the soul and spirit of a restaurant there is always the influence of a distinctive hospitality.Creating that perfect atmosphere in which the dedication for the wine cellar fits seamlessly with outstanding service and the ability to encourage and support young professionals to become a master in this territory. A team devoted to the wellbeing of guest, performed on the highest level of perfection. The Service Award is granted to the most outstanding Jeunes Restaurateur, given with the support of Acqua Panna no whose support lies in an ongoing support and recognition of ‘black’ team.

BENJAMIN DELPIERRE - La Liégeoise, Wimereux, France - Eco-Friendly Award 2015/16 - by Pommery
Jeunes Restaurateurs have a highly developed sensitivity for the protection of their environment. Respect for nature, energy saving, reduced water consumption, cuisine based on local organic products .... it all seems logical. Committed to sustainable development, Vranken-Pommery – renowned for the production of also biological Champagnes, joins forces with us in stimulating Eco-friendly awareness. 

ANA ROŠ - Hiša Franko, Kobarid, Slovenia - Talent of the Year Award 2015/16 - by Pastificio dei Campi
The Jeunes Restaurateurs philosophy pays ‘homage’ to both cuisine and service. The pursuit of the right combination in complete harmony with the values and philosophy of restaurant and cuisine. Our Jeunes have that extraordinary talent and creativity to take gourmet demands to the highest level of performance and are recognized for that. Their drive is an inspiration for the young, who will one day emulate themselves to their masters of the culinary art. With the Talent of the Year Trophy, Pastificio dei Campi, accompanies us in this tribute to the great creators of flavor and taste.