Italïe staat bekend om haar klokkentorens, de verscheidenheid van haar landschap en nog meer om haar historische en culturele verleden. Om Italië echt te ervaren moet u de overvloed van haar gastronomie proeven, die ook zeer befaamd is.


Luca Marchini is the Chairman of JRE ITALY, the international association that brings together young Chefs with proven talent and skill, with the objective of promoting solidarity and friendship; JRE can be found in 16 countries, and is currently recognised in the gastronomic world as one of the most prestigious culinary associations. There are 88 JRE Chefs in Italy, where it has been operating since 1992, distinguished by the motto “Infinite Passion”.

Creativity and innovation, memory and territory: these are the main ingredients that all Jeunes Restaurateurs have in common, measured out and mixed with the objective of delighting anyone that expects the highest quality experience from a restaurant. On the one hand, finding new forms of expression and fine-tuning state-of-the-art creations, the result of unceasing curiosity and being constantly open to discussion. On the other, using products from their land of origin and the culinary memories of members: proud to be Chefs, in constant contact with the “subject”, these young chefs believe that only modern cuisine that is deeply rooted in the territory holds the key for restaurants in the new millennium.

Luca Marchini – L'Erba del Re – Imperia    


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