Excellence Food Innovation 2019


An exclusive JRE lounge has been staged into the suggestive spaces of Ex Dogana in Rome by Pietro Ciccotti, deus ex machina of the roman show, in which took place showcooking with tasting, demos and real lunches cooked by JRE Chefs.

In the JRE lounge the chefs turn round at the cookers and offered during the three days not only showcooking with final tasting - each of them for average forty guests that crowded the parterre in every date - but also for special occasions. Davide Maci, Paolo Trippini, Iside De Cesare, Lele Usai, President Luca Marchini and vice president Marcello Trentini cooked one or more of their dishes live and in open view, while answering to a dedicated and enthusiast audience’s questions.

Remarkable the presence of Chinese Embassy to Iside De Cesare’s show, who created a risotto inspired by Cantonese rice, with a lot of original ingredients but also with an italian touch. Iside with Lele Usai offered to the guests of Price Waterhouse a lunch signed by the great JRE’s cuisine. Audience incredibly appreciated the event: they crowded for three days at reception to attend the events, a proof of consideration that our is given to our Association and our Chefs from the keen ones - and not only them.

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