Charity Dinner Eataly Smeraldo Milano


Another one praiseworthy mention for JRE’s chefs, that support the fundraising dinner organised at Eataly Milano, hosted by Viviana Varese from the restaurant Alice, along with Partner JRE Mastercard. The fundraising dinner was staged in favour of World Food Programme which, with the Mission 5 Million Meals Projects, aims to donate to WPF as much school meals for children in difficult countries as possible. The programme is promoted by Mastercard and WFP, along with their partner Eataly and JRE Association. To donate a school meal doesn’t only mean to feed a child but also make it easier for him or her to accede to schooling. The school meal programme is a strategic initiative to create and accelerate an economic development of countries involved.

Chefs involved will be Andrea Sarri, Filippo Saporito, Silvio Battistoni, Martina Caruso and, of course, host Chef Viviana Varese. A mirable union of great cuisine, professionalism and generosity, three of founding values of the Association.

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