A whole lotta PASSION


Spring edition of JRE magazine now available

The spring edition of JRE’s PASSION magazine is now available to partners around the world. The successful magazine once again provides insights into the world of the Jeunes Restaurateurs across Europe in the form of stimulating articles and mouth-watering images.

This edition focuses in particular on JRE’s first value of “We Care More”, as defined in the JRE Manifesto. In a number of portraits, young and aspiring chefs explain how they live by this first value and implement it in their everyday lives. Beyond that, the magazine takes you to some of the most enthralling locations in the world, at which fascinating events have recently been held and culinary delights have been celebrated.

The magazine also includes a special report on one of Europe’s hottest culinary destinations: Rome. The city of culinary passion provides a wealth of gastronomic creativity – and where creativity and passion meet, JRE chefs are never far away!

The next edition of PASSION magazine will be available in the autumn.

Have a look in the magazine here!

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