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Giulio Terrinoni

Chef Giulio Terrinoni was born in Fiuggi in 1975, to a family that owned a typical Italian restaurant. He attended the hotel management school and started his career in several hotels near Fiuggi. His first job was in the Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte. After this, Giulio moved to Rome and worked in the international kitchen of the Sheraton Hotel. Next, he returned to Fiuggi to work in top chef Ciminelli's La Torre, where he learned everything about managing a first-class restaurant. Through an important meeting with chef Fabio Tacchella, Giulio got the opportunity to gain experience in absolutely innovative cooking. Then he moved back to Rome again to join the team of ES hotel, as the second chef. A year later, he became executive chef at Panda restaurant in Rome. In 2010, chef Giulio Terrinoni joined the JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs d’ Europe circuit. His first autobiographical book, L'importanza del Riccio, was published in 2013. As a result of his work, Giulio was appointed lecturer to the most prestigious cooking schools, including Gambero Rosso. All of these experiences led him to open his own restaurant, Per Me - Giulio Terrinoni, in October 2015.

Per Me - Giulio Terrinoni

Rome (RM), Italy
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

At restaurant Per Me - Giulio Terrinoni, chef Giulio respects the history of the local Italian cuisine while creating an intimate dining setting, with careful attention to every detail. The restaurant is situated in the heart of Rome and has an open kitchen, dining room, and outdoor terrace. The 1-Michelin-starred cuisine that is served here will undoubtedly amaze your palate, paired with excellent wine by the sommelier.

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