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Croatia Full of Life

Croatia Full of Life

Ten tourist regions, ten chapters of the Croatian story, which are not measured in spaciousness but in the beauty and diversity of nature, heritage, culture and gastronomy. Each of the ten tourist regions of Croatia is bursting with interesting destinations, towns, beautiful nature, exquisite aromas, sounds, and experiences that create memories and yearn to be discovered.

What to do?

Croatia offers you many different options and countless activities. Visiting famous historical monuments, discovering enchanting landscapes where the sky meets mountains, fields and the sea, enjoying delicious traditional dishes, or relaxing on one of the most beautiful beaches are just some of the experiences offered to you by the dreamland that is Croatia. Are you a hopeless romantic who loves beautiful sunsets? An adrenaline junkie wishing to enrich their vacation with a new experience? A culture buff who cannot resist unique shows? Or are you just looking for your place under the sun? Choose one of the categories below and start exploring the unique attractions offered in Croatia.

Where to go?

Swimming on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, memorable walks through wild landscapes under UNESCO’s protection, discovering breath-taking historical tales, and tasting delicious dishes you will remember for a long time. Where to go on vacation in Croatia? Basically – anywhere. Let your heart and curiosity lead the way. Towns that have been standing the test of time for millennia, sun-soaked coastline and islands, spectacular landscapes formed by nature, tiny hidden gems that are waiting for you to discover them, and the popular destinations – Croatia will make all your wishes and expectations come true.

Welcome home

A beautiful country with over four million smiling faces and more than a thousand islands, where the sea literally plays music, the sun waves goodbye as it sets down for a nap, and enchanting stories for every occasion. If this is your first time in Croatia – welcome home. This travel information guide has been compiled so as to help you plan all the elements of your vacation perfectly. It covers everything: from travel arrangements and accommodation, weather and traffic information, the quest to find the most amazing beach. Welcome to Croatia, the place where your perfect vacation begins.

Croatian National Tourist Bord

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